Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Le délta du Mekong in VO Not so british

After being quite disappointed and thanks for a very good reason motivated pretty much by the bus that we ve got, lets sum it up, it would have been okay for a group of children going to the pool but not for a bunch of backpackers fully geared on with all their consequence : not enough place in the under storage and forced to take some on the seats which kinda compressed everyone and made us all very angry but even more was the way the staff treated us in the matter...
all excuses wont do and a solution will have to be found but hey lets talk about it later !
The engine starts and we are set for a good two hours before our first scheduled stop on the mekong.
the programme is left entirely in the end of our not so great guide who seems way stressed but hey thats what happen when you are treating customers like cattle.
So anyway i am managing the record to take absolutely not even a picture on that very day ! that shall says it all. Arriving quite late at the hotel, i checked in with three british dudes and direction the small streets for some good food and the hunt for a bia hoi which will left us annoyed by its absence.
sleepy time and up at 5am ish to go to the floating market. boat, long boat and small very small market. definitely not what we had in mind. one more source of disappointment.
a few pics later i am being dumped again on the shore, visit of a rice company, of a few villages before heading back to the pier to visit a noodle company.
Jumping antoine flash back to the tiny bus where i feel nothing close than being in prison and new mission is to aim as some weird mangrove and visit a factory making caramels and all sort of sweets flavoured based on coconut milk. everyone in the group seems to be starving and are just buying all the stock...i am not in the right mood as the rain is approaching fast and soon we will find ourselves surrounded, almost drown on the spot by the overwhelming power of nature.
small mangrove boat ride with three girls dancing very badly and back to the mainland and after a few minutes we are back again in the bus...and oh surprise, we ve got finally some improvements.
an even smaller bus but this time instead of having the luggages on our lap, we are simply seating on them..ok i am kidding but they are being squashed under the seats without much  precaution...and my own bag seems to be the bag that keep the door shut while en route...
well it was time to reach the hotel and our last stop prior to reach the border the day after.
visit of the last temple in the area, can seen the former border (mainly a canal digged by some king a long time ago) and we are being talked also on how people are just smuggling a lot through the rice fields.
a classic when it comes to countries being separated by mere nature.

anyway back from the temple, same same organisation..hotel food sleep.breakfast and badaboom in the boat for cambodia. i chosed the slow boat because its cheaper, and trust me i ll regret it for so many if anyone read this, dont go for the slow boat, you will feel like your manslaughtered live without any kind of drugs.

on the way lots of stop once again, enough to burn my last dong and buy a few souvenirs for my sis and mum which i know they enjoyed...glad i did postpone the writing of this little blog entry...éhhéhé !

anyway , roughly 3 hours late on schedule we are being dumped on the coast, being picked up by a minibus and a car (i will get the car leaving the other in dip s..t) and here we are for another 90 minutes of riding...and bribing our chauffeur for a better drop out place.
which reminds me that i dont have any place secure for the night and that will cause me a painful 3 us dollars stroll with the local tuk tuk to get one finally by the lake...
top class not really but no bedbugs !!

maybe the following adventures soon

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