Friday, October 30, 2009

Having a rest in Batticaloa

And i thought i would only stay there for one night but i actually enjoyed sticking around here for a few more just to relax, catch up on long waited to be answererd emails and organising also the rest of the trip.
On my arrival tuesday afternoon , i was really exhausted though i did nothing else than seating in that bus for so many hours. Try 6 hours for 110 kilometers on the dusty trail.
So i found myself a nice little place to sleep and after three different ones, i found the good one ! well centered, a few minutes away from the bus stand, lots of mosquitoes around to suck me 24/7 but more importantly a wifi connection ! ahhh you have no idea how much that was needed.
The subaraj Inn is just good enough for what it's worth.

Wednesday, i spent also quite some time over the internet mostly watching online docs, reading on visas requirements and then i went for a good walk in the city, first aiming at the dutch fort (now mostly use as an administration center after the war).
The fort is in a very poor state, felt like bombs felt on it and the garbage keep getting bigger.
Plastic bags were flying, smelled like open air toilets all over the place.
couldnt stay there much longer and i was anyway starving after a 24 hours diet for the meal of the day ! ah such a nice place again i found out by chance.Few minutes later, i was down in my plates dipping in with my fingers like the locals and getting quite some attention while doing so but this was really really good.
left from there shortly, walked quite a distance in the other part of the town and while trying not to get lost, i was hoping to see something more typical as suggested by the guest house help desk but never really manage to get there and soon i was back , having a rest and cleaning up the dirty laundry.
Thursday was on the same tempo but managed to get my invitation for one night only within the bungalow at norwood so i ll be certainly reaching dilmah around the 2nd of november.

Tomorrow, i ll be leaving to dabulla and reaching ella in the mountains for a few days.

see you.