Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Next plans

Yesterday i met with vik, a mobile dj and active couchsurfer in KL since May for dinner.
Monday has been a very good besides forgetting it was monday and jumping into a taxi from batu caves thinkin the canopy walk would be open...ending paying 25 RM (5 euros) for something i just couldnt...anyway, after a while i found myself back in KL, need to get my head to think about future plans and head straight forward sentral to buy those tickets.
I ll go next 09/09/09 at 8am to Melacca for a day trip outside kl and shall be back at night around 10.30pm.
I ll be leaving Kl to penang next friday at 10.30am and my friend alexandre is already waiting for me.
I m going for a small celebration of my birthday anyway its more likely and will certainly treat myself with a paradisiac island on the east coast few days after.

I would love my only audience to have a quick look at what i did a few days ago while touring around chinatown ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEARdK3keOY

More news soon, but pictures are taking forever to upload.