Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Kuching baby !

Tuesday 6th, 6am and i am being dropped at the airport by Chel, a local girl my partner in crime convinced to turn into an early taxi, i never asked what he did though i ve got quite a few leads !
The flight was pretty luxury considering they were not so many people with us and i managed to secured a nice row by the emergency exit and sleep for the entire length of it..made me at least recover the lack of sleep accumulated while in KK.
Landing was by no meaning soft but i am still here to speak about it so i guess that it is as good as it gets here when rushing a plane down to meet the hour !
Romain and I were quickly welcomed by the local committee in the person of Mathias (another french couchsurfer from Paris) and Kelvin, a local active host that just graduated and will soon work for two years for the government as a doctor.

So here we were riding towards some destination (original plan was bako national park but the conditions were not optimistic) thus forced us to find a different heading !

 Kelvin drove us to the caves, Wind and fairy to be more precise.

here is the first we visited, Wind caves with a lot of bats flying around and the mysterious things they were bombing on us !
hats necessary and torch lights...

 The we moved on to the fairy caves and after a few steps up the mountain via the structure outside and also quite a lot more inside followed by a series of staircases, we end up to the main part of it !
really cool i have to say and had to pay my respect to the fairy in person.

View from the top of the fairy cave.

a little climb, crawling through a hole in the rocks that led to a small flat piece of rock from where i shot this.

Soon after the caves, we went for lunch in some local foodcourt and killed a few meat buns and some specialty fried chicken rice on my side. the rest of the afternoon was pretty cool...rain felt on us around 3.30pm and we agreed once we secured our guest house to meet for drinks.

Mathias and Diana a local couchsurfing host in Kuching.

The end of the "party" was fast, i was falling asleep really soon after with the aim of going to bako the morning after thus waking up early to get the bus.

A few hours later, we are stuck in a taxi because the girl side of romain kicked in and he took him humm let me think 10 minutes back and forth to go pick up some flip flop in the room..anyway, 40 RM shared with the french trio later, we were on the edge of the bako national park, talking to a taiwanese girl i never understood the name and a guy from the usa that i instantly located to be originally from texas which kinda surprised him...if he knew i hosted 160 US citizen, he would not be so surprised !

The boat ride that we are forced to take is merely costing 94 RM return for 5 people, do the maths, in the end we all payed 19rm.

our "skipper" was pretty skilled at avoiding the waves as the low tide was barely starting and dropped us on the beach with mere directions as "follow the others foosteps". fair enough, lets use our flair.
The view from the boat !!

So here we are, starting the trek ! first warm up party is to do the T Paku trail which will allow us to see some ugly monkeys..yeah !!!!!!

the view on the beach was definitely worth the hike !
  we went back to the crossroads to aim at another difficulty, certainly the second hardest i endured after cameron highlands but my boots were ready to meet up with dirt again.

T Pandan Kecil was the objective of the second hike (2.6 kilometers one way, same on return you got it ).
The view was just splendid and we gave ourselves 20 minutes to recover.

View from Bensar beach, third trail we followed before heading back to meet the 2.30pm boat

The rain was on time and we avoided a free shower by a mere two seconds as me and romain made it to the bed and breakfast that afternoon.

Thursday  8th

I have waited for romain to come back to do the check out and change to another guest house , much more comfortable and that will anyway cost me 15RM/night (3 euros).
My idea was to aim to the crocodile farm in the afternoon once i had said bye to romain after a last lunch, i ll meet the man again in indonesia in a few weeks.

Soon after being dropped by the bus, one kilometer away from the entrance of Jong crocodile farm.

well the legend said, missing tail croc !

cant beat that description i think but it was time to go to the show worth 16rm...the feeding of the crocs !

Et voila !

another good day in paradise ! will see what i do tomorrow as some locals are finally calling me and inviting me over to do stuff ! yeah, i cannot be left alone, i am telling you...

more to follow in the next report of antoine's adventure ....

online soon