Sunday, September 27, 2009

Singapore , hospitality and diversity

here i am, thursday night at the father's guest house in cameron highlands really wondering where i ll end up sleeping in singapore on friday after having sent quite a few couchrequests. as i was having a great conversation with federico, telling him pretty much that everything good happens to good people and then i would soon receive a phone call offering me a couch and badaboum, someone is calling me and willing to save me for the full length of my stay. lucky me !
So here i am accepting the help of this generous and wannabe first time host on couchsurfing, Mr Singh satnam !

The ride by bus from cameron highlands was pretty luxury considering the price i had to pay 125RM but great large seat, more like a business class in a plane.
No need to say, the road was really peaceful, got drop on time at 8pm at the bus station on beach road and here was my host jumping in my arms and soon after making me jump into a taxi towards his place on circuit road.

Great Great moment that was, shopping locally and hop, in the flat for a good night of problems with the computer that ended by it being totally reset to zero !
just had no other choice as something has totally screw all my settings and in the process made me lost all my mp3s so no more music available on this trip !

Saturday morning, we went on to visit singapore all together, showed around his house to help me out locate the mrt station and direction little india, money changers and sim card shopping as the couchsurfing meeting i was organising was due to happen only a few hours later.
From wandering to super visits, we ended in the national museum for a good 3 hours of great fun and history lesson.
It was soon the time to go towards the cs meeting and took us a little while to find our direction on orchard road but in the end everything worked out and all the couchsurfers were soon stalking my cellphone to get directions or asking where i was in the pub.
we stayed there till 9pm then went to have a proper dinner which only cost me 10 sgp ( 5 euros) but the all night made my budget skyrocketting over the rooftop and 140 dollars later, it was 8 am sunday morning.
I did nothing as a consequence sunday, stayed all day in the flat planning the rest of the trip, stupidly missed on the chance to fly out for cheap on thursday thus forcing me to buy an earlier way out to kota kinabalu for wednesday morning.
i think i ll pass on brunei as it is just super expensive to get out of it by any means of transportation...might lose 65rm in the process as my flight from kinabalu is non refundable but better lose 30 euros than being forced to buy a 120 euros airplane ticket to kuching.
tomorrow, i ll visit the zoo and meet up with yinyu a local couchsurfer that almost had the chance of my visit !

good day and blue skies