Monday, September 7, 2009

Mission Batu Caves and Forest park

Today i woke up or lets say i had a really bad night and couldnt just sleep any more so i went quickly out with the idea of reaching the batu caves.
after a bit of hesitation, i took a bus to melari lrt station and jumped towards mahjid station to get a connecting train up north..quite a bit of an effort to be then asked more to make the last bit by taxi (10 ring from putra terminal).
I ll soon upload one of the main pics i took at the caves and its 272 steps to endure before reaching them..lucky me i didnt have to do that little effort supporting the titanic theme "my heart will go on" all over !
from there its all about being asked by those drivers who knows that there is no way out that use them to go back to the main city and the bargain, two and three drivers later i found one that doesnt want to rip me out...understand its not that expensive  but its all about not paying double if not triple the price they asks at all time.
it worked a bit better to let them know i was not a stranger to the city since i was living in !!

now i am chilling in another mall, planning my day to melaka which will force me to go back to kl sentral to get the bus tickets before he ran out because of the fast.

c ya