Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A rather different but interesting birthday

Hello everyone,

Well yes, yesterday i got to join the rank of the 30+ and to be fairly honest, i dont really think it changed anything. I am feeling very confident towards the rest of the mission i am on and really want to enjoy this deep introspection into the malaysian culture.
Last night i have been invited with my great hosts alexandre and Day Yann by Ang Hua ( a local event organiser and active couchsurfer) to a dinner that was closing some festival.
Let me tell you that we had all kind of karaoke stars, from the worse to the less worse but great laugh all in all especially when the beer was running for free.

But back to the beginning of the day, after a slow depart, me and alexandre went on to visit Penang Hill and after enjoying a rather quick bike ride in the pollution, went on to grab the cable car that takes no longer than the record time of 30 minutes to reach a 700+ meters over sea level... too bad it was foggy thus limiting the view !

From there we went on to visit the best chinese temple available in town called Kek Lok Si. Really amazing following of prayers room, souvenirs shops, restaurant to end up climbing the 6 storeys pagoda to reach an interesting elevation.

 Before ending this rather quick message, i would love to thanks everyone that wished me an happy birthday ! it was really nice to read from you and hope you are keeping it up where you are !

blue skies