Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kuala Lumpur, meet the traffic and the locals

Friday the 4th of september i made it to my host elma in due time. You know how precise i am and its part of the respect everyone shall deserve when it comes to have so many people just over two years in her premises (400 couchsurfers approx.).
My flight from London took off at 1.45am friday morning (london time ) to arrive 30minutes ahead of schedule friday night at 8.45pm.
got lucky myself through customs ( guess the thermal camera didnt measure the excitement), jumped into the bus and enjoy the rides of my life...that driver was fast !
Reached Kl sentral in a little bit less than an hour and made the connecting bus to my host....after a little while i did realise he went a bit far or stupidly i missed the stop and had to grab a taxi for a mere 80 cents of a euro to finish the job.
was up this morning around 9am and had my first bit of the city in daylight.
i must say that the scenery that Kl has to offer is quite rewarding , the smells, the noise definitely i am not in europe anymore.
I finally got my hands on a new cellphone "china made"...understand by that its a copy of an existing phone with pretty much the same shape, the same soft but without the locked simcard that i was trying to get rid of before leaving France.
I ll aim myself towards the islamic museum this afternoon before meeting a few people from Kuala Lumpur as i organised a meeting for my visit.
I already got invited to the skybridge..thats pretty much the highest i ll have ever been since october last year...

ciao and more news as things moves forward

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