Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biafine , my friend

Saturday 19th september

Day Two on biafine diet. Yeah, my back has pretty much the nice red color i used to have when younger kid playing for hours in the swimming pool and being punished almost every single time ! this is quite good memories i sherish of my brother , me and pauline in line to be dosed of biafine all over our bodies by dad …i am telling you, one happy family bonding time that is.
The tough part of the back being hit is that i just cant reach every single part of it with my hands letting one hurting spot non being taking care of and thus not removing the pain as much as i would like.
Today was then a very quiet day so far. Got up 9am, attracted by food like usual, went back to my room after a nice shower and started spreading biafine like nuts which also had the effect to wake some good neighboors with the smell of it.
I found one bias to biafine…it really does attract mosquitoes and have the opposite counter effect to the repellant i am using to be safe from those flying fearless blood sucker.
I took finally a go at the sea this afternoon as it has been 24 hours or more since i returned and started the cure and was pretty much fed up of seeing everyone taking the sun while i was safely stuck inside my room. I went there with a t-shirt just to play it safe.
Thats it for today, i m hoping to feel better by tomorrow and make the hike to long beach. Hari raya is super close now and the gifts are starting to pack up here.

Blue skies


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